David Pawson

Renown Pastor Bible Teacher

The Teachings of a Humble Servant of God

Biblical foundation

The Normal Christian Birth

Teaching - 6 parts

True God - True Gospel

A speech

Interview Heroes of Faith

3 Episodes

In depth Interview

13 episodes

David Pawson a humble and gentle Bible teacher lays out the Word of God, connects the dots in ways many others don’t. He broadens the overview and deepens understanding few others manage.

Pawson has left behind an abundance of excellent Bible teachings of the Christian life, Salvation, etc, a legacy of a life long ministry of God's Word.

The videos linked above, is only a tiny part available on his Youtube channel and websites.

Explore and enjoy…

By the courtesy of David Pawson Ministry Official Youtube Channel, www.davidpawson.co.uk, www.davidpawson.org



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When God awakens You to resurrect the Gospel and Insurge His People against Evil.

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