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If you met Jesus today…
Would you be ready for Eternity?

Spiritual sleeping Pastor, Dave Knight experiences this the hard way, when he is abruptly woken up by a nightmare which prompts him on a life changing journey to get right with God.

He discovers not only his shortcomings with God, but that even when God is angry, He has compassion and Grace for him. He sees that mature believers have something unique with God, that enables them to operate with true authority. The authority given by Jesus.

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Books In The Works

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The Preacher’s Son

This is a very interesting project.

We follow The Preacher’s son on a spiritual journey.
Accused of killing his father, the Preacher, he is sentensed to death and hanged.
Last night in prison, a visitor appears to talk with him.

Web RemnantCover

Living Off Grid

Electric Power

Building a new house in a modern world demands electricity unless you want to go Amish. We had no thought of going Amish, so we needed to find a way to get electricity to our new house.

We had two choices: 

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