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If you met Jesus today…
Would you be ready for Eternity?

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What would happen if God wanted to shake you from spiritual slumber? In Jan F. Solvberg’s profound new novel of pastor Dave’s rude awakening, broken ribs and instant healing by a stranger, claiming Jesus did it…

Sulking of pain and discomfort from broken ribs, his wife nags him to come along to town for shopping. In the parking lot a stranger and his little daughter show up, and as they pray pastor Dave is healed.

   “Whoa, what’s that? What’s happening?” Dave shouted, staring from the girl to the father.
   “That is the power of God, healing you,” the stranger said.

So begins pastor Dave Knight’s spiritual awakening after a nightmare abruptly left him with broken ribs, followed by a miraculous healing. Faced with the question, ”If I would meet Jesus today, would I be ready for Eternity?”, prompts him on a life changing search to get right with God.

Project In The Works

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The Preacher’s Son

This is a very interesting project.

We follow The Preacher’s son on a spiritual journey.
Accused of killing his father, the Preacher, he is sentensed to death and hanged.
Last night in prison, a visitor appears to talk with him.

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