If you met Jesus today…
Would you be ready for Eternity?

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If You met Jesus today…
Would you be ready for Eternity?

Spiritual sleeping Pastor, Dave Knight experiences this the hard way, when he is abruptly woken up by a nightmare which prompts him on a life changing journey to get right with God.

He discovers not only his shortcomings with God, but that even when God is angry, He has compassion and Grace for him. He sees that mature believers have something unique with God, that enables them to operate with true authority. The authority given by Jesus.

Revelations of the ancient Church of Jesus Christ, where the Apostles, where John, Peter and Paul spread the Gospel throughout Israel, are opened up to him. Things forgotten for 1600 years.

Jesus calling was: ‘Go! Preach the Gospel! Heal the sick! Cast out demons!’

What did they preach? How did they disciple believers? What about miraculous healing? How did they cast out evil spirits?

The thought, ‘What does God think of me?’ challenges his faith to the core and drives him to change. He goes on to stir up and change his sleepwalking church to become a congregation that resembles the ancient Church described in Acts.

He has to resurrect the Gospel of Jesus Christ. As anticipated resistance threatens to upend his Church to run for the hills, an intervening act of God sets him on a course he did not anticipate nor imagine.

When God talks back, Pastor Dave not only discovers the Church for God’s Remnant on Earth, but also that he must awaken His people to rise against the Evil pitted to destroy the nation.

Will Pastor Dave succeed on his quest? Click the BUY NOW button below and join him on a journey that not only challenges him, but also you and may also deepen understanding and anchor your faith and bring God closer.

About the 


Jan F. Solvberg

I grew up in a secular home in Norway, where church and God were only matters to be considered at Christmas, weddings, baptisms in the family and funerals.

That changed when I became a Christian at the age of 40 in 2000, after many years on the verge of faith, I baptized  in South Africa.

Returning to Europe, we joined a Baptist Missionary Church, planted from the USA. After a few years, we found a Pentecostal church, which was a network of smaller assemblies.

English Pastor and Bible teacher, David Pawson, originally a Methodist pastor, became baptized as an adult and became a Baptist minister. He later was baptized in the Holy Spirit and has been teaching the Bible around the world.

In 2016 we came into contact with a movement called “The Last Reformation” (TLR), 

The teaching of David Pawson and the practical discipling with TLR, have contributed to how we go about our everyday Christian life.

After a weekend of workshops with practical training with TLR, a small group of us began ministering, walking the streets of Budapest, Europe.

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