Still In the Works

The Preacher's Son

If God...

Would allow his martyrs...

—Finish the work

Not Yet


A very interesting project.

A flash fiction book. Each chapter only have 350-400 words.

We follow The Preacher’s son on a spiritual journey, starting in a town of the wild West. Innocent accused of killing his father, the Preacher, he is sentenced to death, by hanging. Last night in prison, a visitor appears to talk with him.

Next day they allow him to say some last words from the gallows.

After execution, the visitor comes back and assigns the Preacher’s Son to do what he would have done, if he would live. He are to visit people in different stages of life and faith, to encourage, direct and put things right. As he is not visible, he has has to influence them through dreams, visions and thoughts.


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