God's Remnant

When God

Awakens You to resurrect the Gospel

and Insurge His People against Evil.


Would God orchestrate Pastor Dave's nightmarish rude awakening, broken ribs and instant healing by a stranger, claiming Jesus did it?

Sulking in pain and discomfort from broken ribs, his wife nags him to come along to town for shopping. In the parking lot a stranger and his little daughter show up, and as they pray...

— “Whoa, what’s that? What’s happening?” Dave shouted, staring from the girl to the father.
— “That is the power of God, healing you,” the stranger said.

And so begins Pastor Dave Knight’s spiritual awakening. ”What does God want? If I would meet Jesus today, would I be ready for Eternity?” The questions prompts him on a search to get right with God.

When God talks back, the life of the ancient Church where the Apostles John, Peter and Paul spread the Gospel throughout Israel, is revealed to him.

The call of Jesus was: ‘Go! Preach the Gospel! Heal the sick! Cast out demons!’

Has the Church forgotten all about miracles, healings and casting out evil spirits since AD400?

Pastor Dave gets the message: When God awakens you to ‘resurrect’ the Gospel and ‘insurge’ His People, God’s Remnant against Evil pitted to destroy the nation, ‘HE MUST ACT’.

Grappling with doubt he's uncertain of how to get his friends and the congregation to understand that their eternal destiny is at stake. Thinking, ‘unless God is with me, nothing will be done,’ he sets out on a journey into uncharted waters, starting with his own friends.

Will they respond accordingly, rebel or flee for the hills? They are as blind and clueless as he was. And, the nation? Will they see God’s Judgment hanging over them, unless they return to Him?

Join him on a journey that not only challenges him but perhaps also you.