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The Preacher’s Son


I grew up in a secular home in Norway, where church and God were only matters to be considered at Christmas, weddings, baptisms in the family and funerals.

That changed when I became a Christian at the age of 40 in 2000, after many years on the verge of faith, and was baptized in South Africa.

Returning to Europe, we joined a Baptist Missionary Church, planted from the USA, English. After a few years, we found a Pentecostal church, which was a network of smaller assemblies.

English Pastor and Bible teacher, David Pawson, originally a Methodist pastor, became baptized as an adult and became a Baptist minister. He later was baptized in the Holy Spirit and has been teaching the Bible around the world.

Pawson died in 2020 at 90 years of age, and has left behind a great legacy of video teachings on YouTube. My favorites lessons of his are his sermon, "True God - True Gospel,” and his 6 – part series on “How to become a Christian.”

In 2016 I came into contact with a movement called “The Last Reformation” (TLR), which has contributed to growth in knowledge of Scripture, personal understanding of faith, and practical living as a disciple of Jesus Christ.

After workshops with practical training with TLR, a small group of us began ministering walking the streets of Budapest, Europe.
We saw many healings, and shared the Gospel with many, and baptized new believers.

The teaching of David Pawson and the practical discipling with TLR, have contributed greatly to how we go about our everyday Christian life.

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